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Vision, Values and Spirituality


Aston Rowant Church of England School welcomes everyone into a safe and secure community where they will be nurtured, encouraged to achieve their full potential and to flourish in every area of life. Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares everyone for life as confident, compassionate, and respectful people.


Our vision is to develop children to be happy and ambitious life-long learners through a nurturing, inspiring and bespoke learning environment, for God so loves the world.


'For God so loves the world' is taken from John's Gospel Chapter 3 V 16 and from the first letter of John Chapter 4 V 11.



The life of the School is rooted in traditional Christian values. Our core Christian values are: respect, compassion, responsibility and wisdom. These values infuse and shape the strategic direction of our school.


An effective partnership is created between our local Church, the Diocese and School. Partnerships are naturally formed between pupils, staff, including staff from the Thame Partnership schools, families, Governors, our local community.


We seek to fulfill our Mission Statement by ensuring that our Christian Values underpin everything we do. Our aims are:


  • To encourage pupils to develop lively enquiring minds and a love of learning.
  • To apply themselves to a variety of physical and creative skills and to show responsibility by being active participants in their own learning.
  • To encourage pupils to acquire wisdom, knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to their futures in a fast changing world.
  • To encourage pupils to love, understand and respect the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  • To encourage pupils to develop understanding and tolerance of the differences between people, to show love and to be compassionate in the way they interact with others and to understand that they too are loved.
  • To encourage pupils to love a spiritual and contemplative approach to life, developing the awe and wonder and love of life in all it's glory and by appreciating past and present human achievements and aspirations.
  • To encourage pupils to realise their own self-worth and love their place in  our wider school community so they can make wise choices.




Our creative, bespoke curriculum is shaped by our vision for the school. This allows for the development of the whole child both academically and personally. We actively plan to enable pupils to reflect and explore the spiritual dimension of all subjects. We are a highly inclusive school and welcome families from all faiths and none.


Staff, Governors and pupils have worked together to identify how spirituality is at the heart of our school:


Spiritual Development is the heart of the Curriculum and our School.


Aspects of Spirituality


School opportunities



A sense of the mystery of life:



Creative curriculum

Literacy – Poetry/Stories/Non fiction/speaking and listening.

Relationships Education

Challenges in Maths

‘Big’ questions – RE/Philosophy

Reflection areas and sensory garden

Sacred spaces - visits

Spontaneous awe and wonder moments e.g mystery egg, snow day, red moon dust.


A sense of choice, decision making and personal responsibility:



Creative homework


Group work – peer marking


School council

Respect and responsibility for equipment and uniform

Creative bespoke curriculum where children make choices

Behaviour choices

Opportunities to choose challenge tasks

Growth Mindset Philosophy

Staff development

Learning exhibition



A sense of awe and wonder:



Educational Visits

Church visits

Awareness of world through Global charity work.

Forest Friday activities

Local charity work

Visitors to school

Worship times


Real life experiences, egg, snow, moon.


Heatree residential



A sense of awareness of there being something more to life than meets the eye:



Curriculum launches


Reflection time

‘Big questions’


Worship times


The Arts

Philosophy/RE lessons

Prayer spaces.

Open the book



A sense of love for the outside:

Play area / forest school/EYFS

Off-site visits / walks / residentials

Gardening club 

Mud kitchen

Pond area

Wilderness area

Willow  dome

Outdoor classroom


Den areas

Heatree residential visit


learning outside the classroom

St Peter and St Pauls church visits

Creativity/reflection days/prayer spaces



A sense of pattern, sequence and order:



The Arts

Behaviour policy

Creative curriculum

Christian Year Collective Worship

A school week - timetables

Visual timetables



A sense of enquiry and open mindedness:

Philosophy for Children, RE lessons, Science, Big questions’, P4C, Circle time, Full Circle, Show and Tell, Self-evaluation/ peer assessment

Christian values of tolerance and respect

British Values

What's in the news?

Heatree residential

Staff development and cpd



A sense of life’s joys and achievements:

Celebration Collective Worship

Genuine achievement – high standards

EYFS Wow moments, Calendar celebrations, Inspirational speakers, paralympians, musicians. Fun curriculum

Humour in lessons

Children supporting planning and leading Collective Worship

learning exhibitions

Staff cod and achievements

competitions big science event, poetry competitions





A sense of disappointment and failure, suffering and pain:

Pets, plants, Jesus

Disasters in news

Collective Worship stories (Bible and multi-cultural)

Circle time, supporting local and global charities

In lessons – failing is positive – you are learning. Growth mindset.

News bites and espresso discovery.


A sense of others as feeling, thinking people:

Relationships with others, resolving conflicts, Restorative justice model of behaviour management

Praising empathy and compassion

Staff as role models

pupils as role models

School council

Respect for each other – unique and special

Caring for each other’s feelings, Circle Time

Worship Time - respecting

Christian Values – sharing/giving/respecting

Staff modelling – taking turns

Behaviour policy – clear rules, rewards and consequences

Global links – other than ourselves Emran

Buddy system

Playground buddies


A sense of empathy with others:

Social stories, social skills groups, nurture time, reflection, prayer spaces, RE inspired

Anger management, stories, role play, supporting charities: air ambulance, jeans for Genes, Emran, Water Aid, hearing Dogs


Emotional intelligence

Provision mapping

charitable efforts



A sense of silence and reflection:

Noise level in classrooms – Quiet working

Sensory quiet spaces throughout school

Planning and preparation time for teachers

Music to enter Collective Worship, use of candles, Collective Worship is a time for stillness and reflection about oneself, Jesus and others, worship time daily, children involved in planning of collective worship, Rev Des prayer writing, links to bible stories

Thinking time for children and staff

Calm school

Professional development time for all staff to reflect on practice


A sense of self–worth and the worth of others:

Effort and achievement celebrated in displays High academic standards

Circle time - discussion

Global days/themed weeks Learning Exhibition

Self/Peer marking

Ethos – everyone unique and special in their own way - praise

All children discussed regularly in staff meetings – learning styles

Teaching about Jesus and Christian Values

Celebration Collective Worship

Staff knowing all children well, achievement and celebration assembly.

Learning exhibitions


A sense of self-confidence in expressing inner thoughts:

Circle time


Creative curriculum

Leading Collective Worship

Values of perseverance, hope, respect, compassion

restorative justice


A sense of the joy in life:

Creative curriculum – real experiences

Sports/The Arts/Clubs

Aston’s Got Talent

Humour, espresso discovery, achievement assembly, PTA events, learning exhibitions.


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