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The Hedgehog Team

The Hedgehog Team 1 Mrs Carmen - Teaching Assistant
The Hedgehog Team 2 Mrs Hall - Class Teacher (Wednesday - Friday)
The Hedgehog Team 3 Mrs Winspear - Teaching Assistant and Sports Coach
The Hedgehog Team 4 Mrs Olson - Class Teacher (Monday-Tuesday)



Welcome back Hedgehogs! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready to get learning!


This term our whole school topic is ‘A Sense of Place’. We will be looking at our local area and the places we live through the story of The Jolly Postman.  We will look at our local villages and near towns/cities and investigate local maps. This will lead us on to learning about where we are located within the UK and within the wider world.


In independent learning we will be making models of houses looking at joining and finishing techniques, and making a virtual map. We will be writing letters in the post office,  taking walks around Aston-Rowant and much more! Please take a look at Our topic webs below to see what we will be covering.


We are hoping to do an enrichment trip later on in the spring term. More information to follow.


Information for parents


PE will continue to take place on a Wednesday and Thursday. As always please make sure your PE kits is always in school and is clearly named.


Independent Learning and Forest School

We plan to go outside in all weathers (including snow!) so please do bring coats and warm clothing everyday. As we do not have masses of cloakroom space, wellies should be clearly named and in a plastic bag to hang neatly on pegs.



All children should have their book bags in school each day so that they are available to be changed and heard by an adult. The children are heard read through a range of weekly activities including phonics, whole class teaching, guided reading groups, peer reading and individual readers. We are keen to establish a love of reading in our children so please do continue to read a range of stories to them at home. If they are tired from a busy week wait for a better time to let them read to you. It should be an enjoyable experience in which they can share the progress they are making.  Books will be changed twice a week. Please ensure you are writing in your child's reading record so that we know which books they have read. If they have not read them then they will keep the books for another week. If you have any questions about how to read with your child at home please do ask Mrs Olson or Mrs Hall who are happy to help.



Children in Foundation Stage should spend time practicing their phonics as often as possible. to help them begin to read. This can be done through simple flashcards in your pack. You could do a phonics hunt, play pairs or maybe time them to see how fast they can name them. They could write the letters in different ways, for example; in steam on the car window, shaving foam or rice, on the pavement in large chalk. The more they write them the quicker they learn them! For more ideas please do ask your class teachers. Please see the links below for some useful games.


General Reminders

The children should bring in a named water bottle and snack everyday. Please help your child to be as independent as possible by ensuring they are at school in the line on time with all their belongings. This helps with settling in the morning and prepares them for school life!  


Parent helpers

Thank you for your kind offers of help. We often need parent helpers for trips, reading, cooking or DT tasks. If you wish to be added to the bank of parents helpers please do see one of the hedgehog team! In addition if you have any particular skills you would like to share with the children we would be very happy to oblige!



Please do speak to class teachers should you have any concerns. We are always happy to listen and help in anyway we can. It is important to sort things quickly before they become bigger problems. The children are always our priority and we want them to be happy and healthy in school. Quick messages can be passed on the playground to one of the hedgehog team. If you wish to speak at length about your child please see the teachers at the end of the day or go through the office to book an appointment.  Please do keep an eye on our class page as we will be updating it regularly with the wonderful things we are doing in school.







We welcome visits and tours of our lovely school! Come and see our bespoke creative curriculum in action.