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Welcome to our new children in Hedgehog Class!

We are super excited to welcome our amazing new EYFS cohort for 2020. It has been brilliant to meet your little treasures and they have really impressed us with how quickly they have adapted to school life. We are looking forward to getting to know them more over the coming weeks. 


This is our class page for all things Hedgehog. Here you will be kept informed of what is going on in our bubble, top tips for what you can do to help your children with their learning at home as well as lots of activities, photos and videos to stimulate discussion and inspire your children in our weekly learning hub.


Please check in for regular updates and notices. You can even contribute by sending in your own photos or scanned pictures and documents to the office.


We hope you and your children have an amazing first term with us...


Here are our Golden Rules that the children have come up with. You can discuss these and use them in your home too!

1.Look after our classroom

2.Listen to each other

3.Use walking feet indoors (and inside voices)

4. Use our kind hands and words

5. Work our best and work together

The Hedgehog Team

Mrs Carman - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Olsen - Class Teacher (Monday-Tuesday)
Mrs Hall - Class Teacher (Wed-Fri)
Miss Williams - Forest School (fri)






Autumn term Information for parents


Children will not need P.E. kits in school just yet. We will let you know as soon as we begin 'formal' P.E. lessons


Independent Learning and Forest School

We plan to go outside in all weathers (including snow!) so please do bring coats and warm clothing everyday. Please ensure your child has a pair of named wellies in school all week for going onto the grass as it can get very muddy. Forest School is on a friday morning with Miss Williams.



The children are heard read through a range of weekly activities including phonics, whole class teaching, peer reading and individually to adults in the class. We will be sending reading books home as and when appropriate. However in the meantime we are keen to establish a love of reading and stories in our children so please do read a range of stories to them at home. Once the children have books (see seperate letter) please treat this as an enjoyable activity. If they are tired from a busy week wait for a better time to let them read to you.  Books will be changed once or twice a week as at this stage it is important to develop thier comprehension and story telling skills as well as their abiltiy to read and decode. Please ensure you are writing in your child's reading record so that we know which books they have read.  If you have any questions about how to read with your child at home please do ask Mrs Olson or Mrs Hall who are happy to help.



Children in Foundation Stage should spend time practicing their phonics as often as possible. to help them begin to read. At some point this term your child will be given some phonic cards that are appropriate to their ability. These can be practiced in a number of ways. For example You could do a phonics hunt, play pairs or maybe time them to see how fast they can name them. You could jot the cards around the house and use them as stepping stones, saying the sounds as they go. They could write the letters in different ways, for example; in steam on the car window, shaving foam or rice, on the pavement in large chalk. The more they write them the quicker they learn them! For more ideas please do ask your class teachers. Please see the links below for some useful games.


We use a system called jolly phonics to help them to learn the new sounds quickly through kinesthetic learning. Please see the video above for how to pronounce the sounds and perform the actions.


General Reminders

The children should bring in a named water bottle and small healthy snack everyday. If your child brings in a lunch please ensure their snack pot is seperate for ease of use! Please help your child to be as independent as possible by encouraging them to put on their own shoes can coats at home.  This helps with settling in the morning and prepares them for school life!  



We do our very best to keep parents informed but as you can imagine it can be difficult at this tricky time so we really appreciate your patience.  Quick messages can be given at the gate while more indepth discussions with class teachers will need to be booked through the office.


You will be kept up to speed through the class website where you can see what we get up to each week. Whole class notices will be added to the main hedgehog page. In addition to this there is a weekly newsetter for any notices, whole school information and a weekly summary.


This year we are trialling an online EYFS learning journal called Tapestry and are exploring ways in which this can be shared with and contributed to by parents. Watch this space!


Please do speak to class teachers should you have any concerns. We are always happy to listen and help in anyway we can. It is important to sort things quickly before they become bigger problems. The children are always our priority and we want them to be happy and healthy in school.


Please do not hesitate to speak to us or email the office should you have any questions or concerns.


Kind Regards

Rachel Hall                   and                      Alexi Olson

(EYFS cordinator)                                (Class teacher)






Query Box

Please do write any questions you may have (not about individual children please, these can be discussed with class teachers) and we will try and answer them on here.

Helpful information and links for Parents...

Parent information Documents

Welcome to Aston Rowant CoE Primary School! Please see the 'New school year 2020/21 Newsletter' for additional information on COVID-19 procedures.