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Photo Diary (2022-2023)

Spring 2 - Outreach 

Getting to grips with using maps, globes and atlases (and a lot of teamwork!) to locate the world's rainforests. 

I wonder if you can guess who we are...

We loved dressing up as our favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day! 

Spring 1 - Trust 

Using different resources to explore equivalent fractions. 

Painting like Michelangelo! 



We celebrated National Storytelling Week by adding percussion to traditional tales from around the world. 

Making bird food to take home to our gardens ahead of the RSPB Big Bird Watch as part of our Forest Friday learning. 

We used the 'dark den' to investigate the reflectiveness of different materials to work out which ones would keep us safe and seen in the dark. 

It's been so lovely seeing the children develop independence in their learning by using the working walls and each other for support and ideas. 

We have been using different models and equipment to help us to visualise dividing with remainders. We've been sticking at it and working together even when it got tricky.

Beams of light, making rainbows, exploring light and shadows - all part of this term's Science learning! 

Autumn 2 - Gratitude 

Christmas Craft Week - We loved spending the week celebrating all things Christmas together and having so many opportunities to express our creativity. We especially enjoyed making and decorating individual Christmas cakes to share with our families at home. 

Young Writers - We entered a competition to have our poems 'This is ME!' published in an anthology written by children. Mrs McCleary was delighted to share with us that all of the Fox children who took part were selected to have their work published. The editor of the collection praised the children for their high standard of writing and entertaining poetry. 

Our finished masks! We worked so hard to ensure our designs expressed who we are in some way. 'This is Me!'

We made clay replicas of Stone Henge to better understand the arrangement of the stones, how it may have been built and what it may have been used for. 

We practised reading and following instructions to make our very own Woolly Mammoths - aren't they great?! 

'One Kind Word' - We have been having lots of conversations about kindness and antibullying this week. We know what we should do if we see someone being bullied or if we experience bullying, even though it might be tough. We talked about the big differences even the smallest acts of kindness can make and made these stars for a class display to remind us every day. 

We are loving exploring the Stone Age! Have a look at our cave paintings! 

'Lest we Forget' - Our Remembrance display of poppies. 

Remembrance Gardens - we designed spaces of peace, reflection and remembrance inspired by the National Memorial Arboretum. 'We will Remember Them'. 

'Maths is all around us' We really enjoyed the challenge of getting hands on and creative with Maths and problem solving for our enrichment week. 

We loved sharing poetry during English enrichment week. We were really inspired by our visit from James Carter and enjoyed exploring his style of poetry, sharing his poetry with our friends and writing our own too. 

Autumn 1 - Wonder 


Ending our unit on rocks, fossils and soils by creating mini-compost bins so that we can observe so soil forms over time. We know that worms play an important role in this process so we were careful to research how to look after them during our observations. 

We made paper maquettes to help us to plan our clay work. I wonder if you can guess who is who? 

Preparing and performing poetry on the MUGA to launch our new poetry writing journey. 

Supporting each other to collect adventurous vocabulary to add to our working wall and use in our narrative writing. 

Squirrel Class invited us to visit the Toy Museum they created as part of their History learning. We loved looking at all of the different toys and hearing the stories behind them. 

We have been developing our drawing skills using charcoal to draw pictures of people, taking inspiration from the sculpture Henry Moore when considering line and body shape. Aren't they fantastic?! 

We have been completing different games and challenges to revise our learning on Roman Numerals. 

On a Thursday afternoon, the children take turns to lead Collective Worship. This week's group took us around our school grounds on a 'wonder walk' helping us to find wonder in the things that we see every day. 

In RE, Mrs France taught us about the Mezuzah, where they are placed in Jewish homes and why they are so important to Jewish people. We made paper ones to take home. 

Getting hands on to investigate the properties of rocks during our Science lesson. We tested the density, permeability and durability of each type of rock and then grouped them using our findings. 

We made tiny Cairns during Forest Friday. It took a lot of patience and resilience to get the stones to balance, but look how well they turned out! 

Getting comfy and stuck into a good book during ERIC time. 

We have been using Base 10 and place value to counters to help us revise and extend our knowledge of place value. 

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