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TTRockstars Battle of the Bands - Update!


Well, the points have been counted and the final results are in...
The boys have won it!!!


Congratulations boys, you have won two of our three tournaments, so you are the overall winners! Take a bow, play an encore, rock out, celebrate in a manner befitting a rockstar... (within reason).


Well done to everyone who joined in, you should be very proud.

(And don't stop playing!)



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Welcome to Fox Class!


To the children in Fox Class, 


Welcome back to "school", after an unusual Easter holiday! I hope you all managed to enjoy yourselves, even if you couldn't go out and see your friends and family... Maybe you are getting used to this strange new way of living, but I'm sure you are all looking forward to it being over. Me too! Meanwhile, it's time to get back to work and keep trying your best, even though you are not in the classroom...


On this page, you will find new Maths and English tasks to do every week; there is a different task to do every day. Just click on the star below for each week and you will find the documents to download. Ask an adult to read the note and help you get started. You have worked really hard this year so far, and I know that you will be able to do your best even though you will be working in a different way. Remember that learning isn't always easy, and sometimes you will need to really use your brain, but that means you're doing it right!


Looking forward to seeing you all again, whenever that may be!


Miss Thawley

Home Learning: Easter Garden

Home learning: Reading challenge!


Being at home is a great opportunity to do lots of reading, which is guaranteed to make you a brainier, more interesting, funnier and taller person. Maybe not taller, but the rest is definitely true. I therefore challenge you to read as many books as you can while you are at home! Try if you can to choose books that you usually wouldn’t. Maybe you always read stories about football; now you could try a non-fiction book about snakes, robots or cheese. There is always something to find out from a book. There are so many types of stories – ask your adults at home what they liked reading when they were younger and try one of those books.


  1. Every time you read a book, record it in your reading journal (or another book if you don’t have it for some incredibly bizarre reason). Write the title and the name of the author.

  2. Give it a rating out of 5 stars and say why it deserved that rating.

  3. Describe the book in one sentence. If it is a fiction book, this will be an incredibly short summary of the story, if it is a non-fiction book, this will be a summary of what it is about, but try not to write just snakes, robots or cheese.

  4. Explain why you did, or didn’t like the book. For a fiction book: Think about the characters and what happened, but also the way the book was written: the vocabulary the author chose, illustrations, length of chapters, amount of description (did the author allow you to imagine lots of things, or was it all described for you?), the setting, the ending. For a non-fiction book: Think about the information in the book, was it all interesting, did you find out lots of things you didn’t know? Or was it useful, were you trying to find out how to do something? How clearly was it presented? Were there fact boxes and pictures? What would have made it more interesting or clearer? Did you like the way it was written? Did it feel like it was written for someone like you?

  5. What will you do next, as a result of reading the book? Will you read another book by the same author, another book with the same setting? Another funny book? Or will you build a robot, find out even more about snakes, or eat some cheese…?

Literacy Enrichment Week

In Literacy Enrichment week, the children took charge! The task was to create a Blog page, but the choice of subject, format and content was theirs. Have a look at their work below!

'Sound walk' around Aston Rowant

Recreating the sounds we heard around the village

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