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Welcome to the Owl Class page!


It's a new year, and we have an exciting and challenging new term ahead for our Owls! This is such an important term for all the cohort, especially the Year 6 children who will be prepping for the SATS in may this year. Further down this page is a stash of SATS practise questions and learning aids that may be of help for your child to look at with you. These may answer many of your questions and set your minds at ease about the content of the SATS paper. As always, I really look forward to this new term with the children, and hope they tell you everything that we do here! 

best wishes,

Mr. Manning



Our theme this term

Our Whole School topic this term is 'Once upon a time', and Owl Class will be interpreting this with a focus on the human story element in each of our topics: in English, the children will using Emma Carroll's evacuee based novel to experiment with flashback narratives, story structure and formal and informal tone as they write letters from the books characters to one another. In Geography, we will look across modern Mexico, from classic geographical data to the human element of geography including cultural, social and economic stories. Science this term focus' on the life-cycles of animals, including humans, and will offer a fascinating and relevant topic for the children. Our Art unit borrows from our Mexico theme to explore and adapt the the Huichol peoples art style into pencil, pastel and finally collage art. Year 6 will also be undergoing more prep for SATS this term, with regular practise papers and questions as a standard part of the weeks activities.

1000 Hours Outdoors Downloadable sheet

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