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Heatree 2018

These are the awards we have been working towards. All the children achieved the National Outdoor Learning Award this year! Well done everyone!

Friday morning. Day 5


The children are up early this morning to pack their bags ready for our journey home. We are all sad to be leaving but excited to see our families.


We have our last activity at 9am before aiming to leave at 11am. I will be in contact with school on the way, aiming to be at the Lambert by 4pm.


The children have been amazing again this year. They are so well behaved and polite and have tackled all the activities with enthusiasm. It really has been a pleasure.


Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!



We are off to the beach today! Yay!



Feel like Yogi bear with the size of this picnic!

We have had a wonderful time down on the beach.


Here we are rock pooling...

The sun was shining while we explored the beach today and did our beach art...
Wednesday. Day 3.
Another good night had by everyone. We are looking forward to archery and fencing this morning. Keep a look out for today's photos later on.
Our year 6 children. Their last trip to Heatree as Aston Rowant pupils.



We had a fabulous time this morning during our archery session. Everyone has shown such good team spirit and encouraged others when it was tricky...



Here we are fencing...

....more fencing photos to follow.



We are soaked through this afternoon after kayaking on the Heatree lakes. This activity tested our skills of perseverance as we balanced and rowed our way around. We finished with a game of water polo and some team games.



Songs and fun around the camp fire....



Tuesday. Day 2.
It's Tuesday morning and the sun is starting to peep through. Everyone had a really good night. We've just finished breakfast and all getting ready for the high ropes. Look here later for updates and more photos.😀
High ropes
We have all had a fantastic morning high up in the tree tops. We have overcome fears, showed resilience, helped each other, stayed stafe and learnt new skills.
Having fun...
On the crate stack...
Helping each other...
Jacob's ladder...
Getting up high....
This afternoon we have been out on the moor taking part in a wilderness adventure. We explored a medieval village and looked at ruins of the buildings. We climbed up to Hay tor and climbed the rocks. Squeezing between the rocks was tricky but the view from the top was aaaamaaaaamazing!
Monday. Day 1.

Here we are stream scrambling. We got very wet but had such fun. Children have been amazing with their 'can do' attitude. Remember to click on the photos to enlarge....All getting ready for tea now.

Listening carefully to instructions...
Getting wet!!
We have arrived safe and sound. We had a really good journey stopping on the way for our packed lunches. Everyone is happy and looking forward to the stream scramble.

We are all looking forward to our residential to Devon in June. This page is where we will provide updates and information about our trip.


Please find attached the power point from our parents information meeting on the 30th April. Please don't hesitate to speak to Mrs Roberts if you have any questions.

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