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Coming soon - The end... of 'Empire's End'!


You may remember back in the dim and distant past, we started a story called 'Empire's End: A Roman Story' by Leila Rasheed. Remember that? About a girl from Africa who ends up in Roman Britain. She is revealing her story through flashbacks - so far we know that she grew up in Leptis Magna (in Africa) went to Rome, was supposed to marry a man there, didn't, went to Britain with her family and the Emperor, got caught in a storm. Remember? Unfortunately, her mother was lost in the storm. We also know that she is now married with a son, in Britain, but we don't know how that happened! So, sit back, and I'll tell you the next instalments of the story!


I have emailed links to Chapters 11, 12 and 13, and now I have (nearly) got the technology sorted! Please find Chapter 14 below! Afraid it is still in two parts, but the sound quality is better. Chapter 15 may even be in just one part, here on the website. Fingers crossed... Hope you're enjoying the story!

Chapter 14 of Empire's End - part 1

Chapter 14 of Empire's End - part 2

(By the way, watch out for end of the chapter, when we switch back to the "present" and Camilla talking to her son, as she tells him, and us, the story of how she arrived in Britain...)

Chapter 15 of Empire's End

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