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Week 6 Spikes Tea Party

We have had yet another busy week and a lovely end to the term. The children have enjoyed preparing food for Spikes tea party making sure there is enough by doubling the quantities.

We have been looking at fractions including halves and quarters and how to make sure each part is equal. We practiced this through pizza making and enjoyed eating them too!


Week 5 Maths and ICT enrichment week...


What a busy week we've had. We have been set many exciting challenges by Spike our resident Giant: Investigating weight, doubling and halving for our tea party next week, map reading and directions, writing invitations and much more...



spike 3 tea party.mp4

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Some of our challenges from Spike...

spike 4 doubles.mp4

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Extra challenge - try this at home!

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Our week 5 challenges!

Our week 5 challenges! 1 Writing letters to Spike
Our week 5 challenges! 2
Our week 5 challenges! 3 Learning about esafety from Smartie the Penguin
Our week 5 challenges! 4 Map reading on our local walk
Our week 5 challenges! 5 We found the Church symbol!
Our week 5 challenges! 6
Our week 5 challenges! 7
Our week 5 challenges! 8 Our final destination!
Our week 5 challenges! 9 building a bridge that will hold a KG weight!
Our week 5 challenges! 10 weighing objects for Spikes trip
Our week 5 challenges! 11 Y1's exploring weight outside

We've also been learning all about  esafety from Smartie the penguin, see the link below and learn the song!


Smartie the internet safety penguin!

Week 4 Spike needs our help!

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Our resident Giant asks for help with his reading. Some children even choose to set him an extra challenge!

This week we met Spike our resident Giant who re-educated us all about the true story of Jack and the Beanstalk. He needed our help to improve his reputation! We made some posters choosing and using adjectives to describe how nice he was. He also left quite a lot of his things around the classroom so foundation stage decided to write him some letters to tell him.


Spike is very keen to have a tea party with us! Watch this space...

Our week 3 in pictures...

We welcome visits and tours of our lovely school! Come and see our bespoke creative curriculum in action.