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Week 5 - 01.02.21

week 5 Thursday English Farmer duck

My Favourite Book Session 1 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Apologies for the poor sound quality! Please turn to maximum volume! A mini series of Story time classics for Storytelling week. Listen to them all then choose your favourite for our class reader when we return to school. Today...

My Favourite Book Session 2 The Twits

Today meet my favourite Character Mrs Twit...

My Favourite Book Session 3 Mr Stink

Today meet the amazing (and rather stinky) Mr Stink....

My Favourite Book Session 4 Georges' Marvellous Medicine

In our penultimate session meet the rotten, nasty and slightly terrifying Grandma....

Story - FARMER DUCK by Martin Waddell (EYFS KS1)

What happens on the farm when not everyone is playing their part? By Martin Waddell

Story telling Pictures

The school is open to all pupils from 8th March 2021 Covid-19 drop-off and pick-up procedures apply