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Photo Diary

Spring 1 - Lockdown Learning! 

Have a look at some of our wonderful remote learning...

Another great week of home learning. I have loved seeing all the great things you have been doing at home. We have had fun learning about Robots for computing enrichment week! 
There was more Monet this week, with some beautiful chalk pictures being created. The children in 'The Hub' painted their clay pots too. There was measuring and musical instruments and reading challenges as well! I love all the life skills you are learning at home alongside your school work. It's really important to exercise for our physical and mental health so keep going. I also need to invest in some Onion Goggles! smiley
There were some tricky maths and SPaG challenges this week. I love that some of you are sending me the learning you've done just by following your own interests whilst at home too! yes
Monet, magpies, maths, stories and steam engines! 

Autumn Term 

Christmas craft week in Fox Class

Our finished Clay Dragon Eyes. Fox Class have worked so carefully on their striking designs. We are rightly proud of the end results!

Intricate work on our clay dragon eyes.

Collective worship: Together, we wrote a 'Thankfulness' Acrostic poem to share the things we are grateful for.

Testing items around the classroom to see if they conduct or insulate electricty.

Acting out part of our class text to help the story 'stick' in our memory.

Anti-bullying week - United Against Bullying. What part will you play?

'Does the Christmas Narrative Need Mary?' We made puppets and retold the story to help us think about this big question.

Electricity! We predicted whether the circuits would work before testing them. We also acted out being a complete and incomplete circuit, including whizzing atoms around the MUGA. We were too fast for Mrs McCleary to take a picture (!) but it helped us to remember our learning.

'Tell Me a Dragon' by Jacky Morris. We thought of different ways to refer to our dragon to avoid repeating the same noun. We have been loving looking for other dragon stories to share on our reading table!

'Lest we Forget' We made poppies as an act of remembrance.

Reflecting on our value for this term. How do you show gratitude?

We have been brushing up on our word processing skills in ICT.

Black History Month

As per UK Government guidance, the school is closed until 8th March earliest except for children who are vulnerable and children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.