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Monday March 23rd - Home learning for this week

Note for parents and carers of children in Fox Class,




Below you will find a maths activity for your child to do every day. In each document, there are pages which tell them the key information they need in order to do the activity. It is very important that children don’t just have a quick read of these “Learning Reminders” pages. Because of the nature of learning at home, they need to really engage with the information they are given. They should work through the examples on the “Learning Reminders” pages, to make sure they understand how they have been done. If they need to jot things down, and try them out, they should. If they can get the hang of taking responsibility for their learning during this time, it will really stand them in good stead for the rest of their time at school. It will, of course, be invaluable if they have an adult who is available to help them with their work, but they should try to be independent if they can.


If your child is finding the work tricky, there is also an activity to work through with an adult (Bit Stuck?). In addition, there is a challenge section at the end (Check your understanding) to ensure that everyone is able to access the work.

Each day’s maths work includes the answers and it is helpful, but not essential, if you can print the pages they need for their activity. Please help your child to mark their work too, as they can then look at the ones they got wrong and see if they can work out why. Maths work can be stuck into, or written directly in, the exercise book that was sent home from school, or another book if you do not have that one, but it would be helpful to keep the work together so that children can see what they have achieved.



Below is an English activity for your child to do every day. Each document provides a text and activities relating to it. The activities cover different objectives which form part of the English curriculum including grammar, speaking and listening, responding to text, writing skills and reading comprehension skills. The advice in the document is that parents and carers look at the document and internet links to check they are happy for their child to access them, and I would reiterate that, although the links have of course been checked. Again, the work should be done in the school home learning book if you have it, or collected together somewhere. It will be really valuable if an adult is able to read and comment on the children’s work as it will give a purpose to their work.


Included in the document is information that the children might need to remind them about grammar or writing techniques they may need. Again, it would be helpful if some of the pages could be printed for the children to work on, but this is not essential.

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