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Extra activities

Create a comic

Travel through history!

The house in the woods

Play a maths game

Create an animal

Do some STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

I particularly like the 'Who would live in a house like this?' activity. I would love to see what kind of animal would be adapted to live in the boot of a car...

Make a wordsearch


Make a wordsearch for someone at home. Start by drawing a grid on a piece of paper. You will definitely need a ruler - this is not optional! Measure horizontal and vertical lines so that they are all the same distance apart. It should look a bit like this, but with lots more rows:




Next decide which words you want to put in your wordsearch, and write them in the grid. Maybe you could use your spelling words, (for masses of bonus points). Remember you can go up and down, forwards and backwards, as well as diagonally.


Make a list at the bottom of the words you have put in, then fill in the rest of the boxes with letters. Try and think of ways you can make it trickier, could you throw in a few red herrings? Do you know what red herrings are? (Ask an adult; don't put real fish in your wordsearch).


Have fun!

Learn a brilliant poem!

The poem below is by a poet called Maya Angelou, very famous not only for her writing, but also for fighting for people to be treated equally. This poem is all about being brave and not being scared by life. I challenge you to learn this poem off by heart (and don't look at it and think it's too long, the lines are very, very, short). Learning poetry is a very valuable use of your time and will definitely also make you brainier, more interesting and possibly, taller. Have a go, you know you want to...

Scavenger Hunt and Drawing

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