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Getting stuck in....


This week we have started our topic on Superheros!


In Literacy we have been reading the book "Super Duper Us" and learning about our own superhero qualities and composing sentences aurally. This has helped us in writing sentences using the pronoun I. We are learning how sentences are composed from words and letters and have made our own book about how super we all are!


In Maths we have been learning all about numbers. What the numbers look like and how to write them. We have been looking at a range of number concepts with the numbers one to five, how they compare to other numbers and how to count, partition, estimate and subitize . We will be doing lots more of this over the term. Watch this space for our work....



Week 3 in Pictures

This clever clogs made a cape by using a pencil to make holes and threading string through
Making a map for our superheroes to help find people in trouble and save the day!
A sign for our superhero hide out!
around and back on the railroad track! Two Two, Two Two!
How many ways can you make a three challenge... why not send us your photos at home?
This was a tricky one!
around the tree, around the tree that's the way to make a three!


What a busy week we have had in Hedgehog!


The children have so much to learn and they have got stuck in straight away! This week we have been learning about all the different resources to support our learning in the classroom.


We've leant how to participate as a whole class with good listening bodies on the carpet.


We've learnt how to do a small group time activity with our teachers and use our busy books.


We came up with some golden rules to make Hedgehog a happy class and have been practicing using them! The children have been just brilliant at talking about why we follow rules and trying really hard to remember them all!


We love rhyme time and have been learning lots of number songs this week with the guitar and interactive whiteboard. We have also been practicing onset and rhyme and making silly soup.


Here are some more things we have learnt this week...

Our first full week! We have learnt...



Next week we will be starting our new topic "Super Duper You". See our topic web for more information and watch this space for our photos.


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