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Junior Road Safety Officers

What is a JRSO?


JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officer.

‘At Aston Rowant, pupils at the end of Year 5 apply to be JRSOs. Our team of JRSOs are a huge part of our school as they promote road safety issues within the school and local community.’


JRSOs are a very important part of our school as they help raise road safety awareness and promote road safety issues to everyone in the school and the wider community. Here are just some of the activities we get involved in:


  • Talk at assemblies and to classes on road safety topics

  • Run competitions in the school, get prizes for the winners and hand out merit certificates

  • Use the website

  • Use the members area of the JRSO website

  • Write letters

  • Employ next year’s JRSOs by displaying the advert, handing out application forms and sitting on the interview panel

  • Get involved in organising safe and active travel activities.

  • We share our ideas with other schools.

We are open for visits to our lovely school. Come and have a look around. Parents speak very positively about our school's close feeling of community: 'The School is like an extended family, all pupils feel a tremendous sense of belonging'. Pupils make good progress in all subjects. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education. Many pupils make exceptionally rapid progress. There are strong relationships in early years, and children develop positive attitudes to learning based on the care, guidance and support they recieve from staff. Pupils sometimes exceed the expected standards for their age - Ofsted 2017